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Yuumi Peralta is a Spain based jewelry brand founded by a Japanese designer.


Brand Identity

Printed Materials


October 2022


Packaging Design

Brand Identity design for Spain-based jewelry brand ​ founded by @yuumiperaltaI was tasked to develop the brand identity featuring a custom typeface and color palette to create a playful, sophisticated brand look while still based on the brand story. Yumi Peralta aims to make every piece of jewelry a part of a consumer's life story and bring more colors into their life, which is translated into the brand's tagline: "Every piece of jewelry tells the story." The typography incorporates many curves and movements, making the overall shape playful and approachable, embodying the unique shape of her jewelry and color and her friendly character. Another feature of this brand identity is the color palette, which consists of three matte colors, with a cute yet aesthetic cream pink as the primary color and chic modern blue and calming cream colors as the secondary color to give a positive attitude to her unique jewelry.