Saki Kawamura in NYC key visual.jpg

​Saki Kawamura in NYC



​Client credit

​Logo /  Key visual / Banner Design

​April 2022

Visual identity design for New York based Japanese interdisciplinary artist @saki.kawamura She works as a theater / film directer and also shares her lifestyle on her YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. The monogram logo is compact and feels quite elegant, and representing her character and  strong leadership as a theater director by using thick and thin strokes. Partially hiding the letters S and K in the circle graphic makes you feel can find something new from her lifestyle.
The Key visual and banner design for her YouTube channel are inspired by the following two keywords of her life ; New York and theater director. So those designs represent the story of her life by adding stage lighting and shadows of the New York skyline to the background.

Saki Kawamura.jpg