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The Letter is a Japan-based dog brand providing products that enrich the owners and their dog's life. 


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May 2023


Printed Materials

The brand story of The Letter started from a certain book that the founder read when they lost their dog. It was “I’ll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm." The book is about the importance of always expressing love for your pets. Pets die before us humans, and growing up with them means we have to say goodbye someday to the ones we love. They think it is most important for us owners to think of our pets and put as much love into words as possible during our lifetimes. The brand name was inspired by the word “letter,” which is one tool we use to express our feelings to others. Just like the meaning of the “letter,” the brand aims to help the owners express their love for their dogs and bring products that enrich their lives. I was tasked with developing a visual identity, including logo design, typography, and brand collateral design to help express their vision/thoughts and concepts.


Their target audience is those in their 30s and 40s who love enjoying fashion and having a life with dogs. In a highly competitive market, the visual identity needed to be modern, simple, and suited to the consumer’s lifestyle. To capture their audience, the main focus of the visual identity is the eye-catching logo mark, which is for the main touch-points of the brand and is based on the letter L of the brand name. It incorporates deformed dog face and tail graphics at both ends of the L. In contrast to the fun and unique logo mark, the word mark is based on the elegant with solid strokes serif font ESSONNES, giving the brand look aesthetic and simple yet sophisticated attitude. 


The word “Letter” in a literal sense “a written message,” but it has a double meaning in that it also means ” character/words”. The design used in each product is playful and unique typography, a mixture of various characters, including serif, sans serif and cursive font, representing the letters we write, which are filled with many words.